New Year….New Blog

If you are reading this, you are probably like me.


Curious to know what a blog by the crazy Pink Haired lady would include……

‘Doesn’t Instagram show us enough’  or ‘don’t you talk enough’….is what very few may say, but the answer …without an eyeshadow of a doubt….is no.

I’ve never been able to fully express how I feel on Instagram. Mainly because you don’t have enough characters to use. So when your on what you think is a roll, you get cut short…. its also such a fast moving medium, do people really sit and read a long caption?

So if you have just stumbled across my blog – wow feels weird saying that – or are an old friend passing by….let me introduce you to Kaz. The in-more-detail Diary Entries. The Kaz that has had been on one hell of a journey.


It thankfully won’t be all condensed into one post, I mean 2 years is a lot to go over, so tighten your seat belt, or snuggle deep into your duvet covers and hit that follow button, because the best is yet to come.

I’m hoping, just like many of us are, that 2019 will bring me what I’ve dreamed of. Dream of whilst endlessly sitting in the hospital waiting rooms and time and time again wondering when it will all subside. Now that it finally has….more travel, more discoveries, and more importantly more contentment with who I am or yet to become, all with a great outfit may I add :).

A life blessed or cursed with cancer, however you wish to look at it, can be whatever you want it to be. I prefer to think of it as being dusted with a coat of Pink. Its not all about the ribbon for me, its about who I had become along this weird journey. A real life piece of candy floss.

I found a ‘passion for fashion’ through using my favourite past time as a means of therapy and a need to write it all down. So I did, mainly through my diary entires on Instagram, but it all started long before that on my charities blog. . Its incredible what being under such immense uncertainty had brought about! Who I always was on the inside.

So now, I don’t intend on wasting any of the year or years ahead of me, especially now that I know…. what I know…..that life IS infact too short.

I spent 15 months with only two choices. To live or to die. And now that the choice has been made, my life has suddenly been filled with potential endless possibilities,  there is no looking back now.

Signed with a Coat Of Pink.


Like my Outfit? Here are the links:

New Look Coat

TopShop Cairo Trainers 

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6 thoughts on “New Year….New Blog

  1. I am reading this a year to the day I too was diagnosed. You have such a positive outlook I’m still getting there but I will eventually. Xxx


    1. It takes time my lovey – even almost 2 years on and it’s still tough. Getting back to ‘normal ‘ is harder than people think. Xxx sending you love


  2. Hi Kaz, I have so been looking forward to this blog treat & have already signed up. You have changed/guided/enhanced my perspective on life, courage, love, compassion & really made me think about people coping/living with cancer. I’ve loved following you & Nickolai on Instagram & first found you through your compassionate & unique charity @wigsforheroes on Instagram. You discovered a need & filled a niche for fellow sufferers like yourself & although others are now imitating your ‘Eureka’ moment -as they say, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”🤗🤗 I adore the idea of this less pressured, more intimate blog medium & am loving your relaxed & unexpurgated words so thank you all over again. As always, dear Kaz, love & hugs. Penny xxx❤❤❤


    1. Oh wow thank you so much Penny xxxx


  3. Love the blog x


  4. Hi honey, hope you don’t mind me messaging, and I am sure you’ve looked into all your options, but a diep flap is such an intrusive operation because you’re being operated on two different areas. Have you looked into the nipple sparing mastectomy, you have no scar and basically will look the same as before just with implants. Many surgeons do this operation, recommend you speaking to the London Breast Institute at THe PRincess Grace Hospital. Much love and luck x


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