In My Shoes

If I add up the number of steps I’ve taken since May 2017, I’ve literally walked over 165000 miles dealing with cancer. Wow.

From being diagnosed to being in remission to dealing with a reoccurrence. I vowed that I would be blogging more, but the last 6 months have been so intense with navigating my way through this second diagnosis, it hasn’t left me with much free time to just sit and just write. Anxiety usually gets a grip of me and I ending up wasting the day with thoughts about thoughts then I’ll just post a short diary entry on instagram.

But I’ve finally found the time and I’m totally in the moment.

Navigating my way through this diagnosis as a whole has meant going shopping, going back to work and back out of work again. Starting a charity, supporting people whilst I’ve been ill, and trying to see and build a future with my little family. People look at my pictures on Instagram and automatically assume that my life overall, despite cancer, is going great. I mean I’m certain aspects yes, but overall not really. My future is unknown as is everyone’s, but I don’t plan things out like I used to. Holidays etc. it’s a day by day thing.

I’m doing my best to move forward everyday and it seems to be working. But I feel like the vampires in Twilight sometimes. Frozen.

I don’t know how I’ve moved forward, but I think as people we have to.

We learn to.

We need to.

Forward into what, I don’t know, but definitely not backwards.

The beautiful thing is we learn to adapt. We have modes that switch on and off, and each foot that steps forward into something new everyday should be deemed a blessing.

My feet have literally taken me from what feels like, one side of the world to another, and why not dress them up in pretty shoes?

I may be out of breath half the time, but that won’t stop me from looking down and appreciating where these soles have taken my soul.

Most recently they are dressed in these fab Carvela classic black espadrilles from Shoeaholic, because my feet deserve to be Frocked right? The quality is beautiful and unlike other espadrilles I have tried on these do not rub and make my feet sore.

Shoes have always been my guilty pleasure. It’s the one thing I’m known to hoard because my feet rarely change size, so finding a pair of shoes that have been in my closet from 12 years ago is legit not surprising. I normally want the same pair of shoes in a few colors and find it hard to not walk away with more then 2 pairs per shoe trip. I may have a problem…..

But I’ll leave you with this. The shoe link . (Affiliate Link)



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2 thoughts on “In My Shoes

  1. Dear Kaz, I was going to ask you about the amazing wedges when you were feeling better so a big thank you. I had never really thought of my feet with gratitude before; I tended to berate them for not allowing me to totter round in my beloved stilettos any more, instead of thanking them for all the years they put up with my ridiculous expectations of how far & for how long I could wear them. I didn’t own a single pair of flat shoes. Now, in my 60s they have rebelled & forced me to become well acquainted with flat shoe fashion & boots which I find I unexpectedly love. I can wear any boots or heels that are held fast with straps or ties as long as they are not ridiculously high so your espadrilles will be perfect. I am going to start being very grateful to my beleaguered feet for not only serving me loyally for so long but also for forcing me to look at new fashion & embrace it. Thank you Kaz yet again; I’ve said it before but just to repeat myself – how does one so young & pretty have such a wise head & loving heart? ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘
    All my love, Penny xxxxxx


    1. Aww Penny – these days I’m trying to get quality over quantity and it’s the years of fast foot fashion that adds to the damage too 😭


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